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We are really excited about our very first official photoshoot here at Tupelo Honey! While we are growing, we still consider ourselves a pretty tight-knit Tupelo family. This Valentine’s Day we have some intriguing offerings planned (hint: fried chicken, champagne and banjos) so we wanted to do a cool photo series to show it off. We rounded up some of our favorite people and vendors to put this together for y’all. So while you’ll have to wait until next year for the finished product…here is a little behind the scenes sneak peek.

Our models were Ryan of Custom Living Quarters, who does the custom woodwork in our restaurants, and Sara, the wife of our Beverage Director Tyler Alford. Our Stylist, Charlotte Autry, and Photographer, Tommy Penick, are both brilliant Asheville locals, who always make work a fun time! And our location was the gorgeous Hickory Nut Gap Farm, who supplies us with quality meat for our restaurants. 

We had a wonderful time brainstorming, shooting and running around the farm…check out some of the highlights below:

Making use of Hickory Nut Gap Farm’s giant event space barn
Our creative spirit guide, Jim Slatton
Chef Brian sittin’ on a log, behind a hog, singing a song
Chef Brian enjoying some libations on break overlooking the pig-pen
Wardrobe Malfunction! Our Beverage Director Tyler, helping his wife and our model Sara, after she got stuck on some barbed-wire fences.
Wine and swine! Showing off the sparking wine in the presence of some of Hickory Nut Gap Farms finest piggies.
Just a regular day at the office, puttin’ biscuit bits into beards
Our brilliant photographer Tommy Penick capturing the moment.
Our amazing stylist Charlotte Autry setting the mood
Our new favorite model, Karl
Everyone standing around taking a break
Yelling at everyone for standing around taking a break…

Stay tuned for Valentine’s Day!


Dianna Kolb, Tupelo Honey Cafe’s Marketing Manager, is a professional with a passion for food and writing. Originally from Chicago, her German and Midwestern upbringing give her a unique perspective on Southern hospitality and dining.