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Our friends at the Asheville Reuters YMCA told us about an important community garden in town in the historic Shiloh neighborhood. The garden has been the center of the community for decades and has become a gathering spot for meetings, food and fun, activities and garden work days. The Shiloh Community Association also does some storytelling there, passing along the history and culture of Shiloh, the oldest African American neighborhood in the city, to the next generation.

We wanted to be a part of such a wonderful place! So, we reached out to see if we could bring supper out to some of the storytelling gatherings. After a few of these dinners, we learned of a previous landscape plan for the garden area that included an amphitheater adjacent to the garden plot.

We decided to donate the amphitheater, which serves as a permanent gathering space for the residents of Shiloh, and includes grills and an outdoor pizza oven so residents can harvest directly from the garden and cook on the spot.