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Tupelo Honey Cafe is a thriving, growing enterprise with a team of talented, creative and skilled driving its success. As a result, we are a great restaurant industry story, a strong business piece, a terrific resource for food writers, and an interesting component of a travel story.

We’re always happy to assist writers, reporters, bloggers and other media with information needed for stories about Tupelo Honey Cafe. Please contact Kara Veringa, Brand Manager, at for additional background and images, but here are some basics to get you started.




  • Tupelo Honey Cafe: A Brief History and Overview
  • Profile of owner and president, Steve Frabitore
  • Profile of Beverage Director, Tyler Alford
  • Story Idea: THC as a growing entrepreneurial enterprise
  • Story Idea: The Mountain South as a culinary region with THC recipes as an example.

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