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Do you store my credit card information?

No. We neither store or see your credit card information. We integrate directly with Visa, MasterCard, etc (who already have your card information of course). When you register your card with the app, your card number is encrypted with bank-level security and sent directly from your phone to Visa, MasterCard, etc. They mark your card as enrolled and send us a notification when you use it to make a purchase at a participating location.

We never know or even see your credit card. We will not and cannot charge your card, nor can your card be stolen from us – we do not have it.

All data sent to and from your phone is encrypted.

Why do you need my credit card?

Our app provider uses your credit card to track your purchases and give you automatic credit toward your reward. This means that you don’t have to carry around an extra card or enter your phone number or email address at the time of purchase. The more purchases you make that are automatically detected means more rewards for you!

How do I earn progress toward my reward?

To earn automatic progress toward your reward, use your registered credit/debit card, and your purchase will be automatically added to your account. If you use cash, you may send in your receipt to earn progress. If you use a credit/debit card that isn’t registered to your account, you will not earn progress until you register that card and send in your receipt. When you send in your receipt, our support team will confirm that it is a valid receipt, and then process the receipt for you.

How do I send in a receipt?

If you make a purchase and don’t get credit for it automatically, you can send us a snapshot of the receipt from the app. Go to the Reward page and click on the “Send photo of receipt” button (depending on your operating system, it might be under the “more” tab).

Take a snapshot of your receipt to attach it; be sure that it’s legible and well lit so our team can read it- we need to see the location address, date, amount, and method of payment.

Important things to remember:

It should be the receipt for payment, not the check (for restaurants, for example, this would be the receipt you get for your payment, not the itemized list of what you purchased presented to you before you pay). Our team needs to verify your payment type, which can help us identify why your credit didn’t show up automatically.

Be sure you select the proper payment type. We ask that you select the card you paid with (or cash, gift card, etc). If you paid with an American Express, MasterCard or Visa, be sure you have registered that card or your receipt will not be approved.

We try and review receipts within 24 hours. Depending on the volume it may take as long as 72 hours to approve your receipt. Holidays can also affect this turn around time.

How do I redeem rewards?

If your reward has Redeem on it: Click on the reward and then click the Redeem button. The app will ask you if you are sure that you want to redeem the reward (make sure that you are near a staff member to show the reward to). Click on Redeem my reward now and present the reward to a staff member who will apply the reward for you. If you see a barcode after you click Redeem my reward now, either you or a staff member must scan your barcode to redeem your reward. Be careful to not hit the ‘Mark as used’ button, as this will make the reward disappear from your account.

If your reward has Activate on it: Click on the reward and then click the Activate button. This reward will be applied to the next eligible purchase that you make (check the reward for any restrictions). Make sure that you use your registered credit or debit card. If you use a debit card, DO NOT use the PIN when making your purchase. After you make your purchase, you will be notified that your reward was applied and you will be able to see your discount on your credit/debit card statement within one week.

Still have questions? Find more FAQs on our app provider’s website!

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