Our Transparency Commitment

We take our commitment to our people seriously. We’ve created this page to answer some of the most common questions about what you will experience as a team member at Tupelo Honey Cafe. From wages, to benefits, to employment practices we believe our stance speaks for itself and that’s why we’re committed to keeping you informed.

best in class benefits

We’re always seeking to grow and enhance our benefits offerings.


We at Tupelo Honey Cafe are committed to:


Every Tupelo Honey Cafe team member deserves a fair start and the opportunity to make a total wage that enables them to sustain an independent economic livelihood. We have invested significant resources in understanding our local markets and ensuring that our total team member wages are both competitive and sustainable.

at least $11 per hour*

We commit to a Fair Start Wage of at least $11.00 per hour* for every team member, after the completion of their 90 day introductory period.


We commit to evaluate every market’s cost of living to ensure our team members are paid a fair and livable total wage, inclusive of benefits.


We commit to paying total wages above the industry average in every job category.


We commit to paid time off accrual for all team members.


We commit to supporting our team members by providing development and advancement opportunities.

A respectful ENVIRONMENT

We commit to a safe, respectful, and dignified work environment.

FAIR START wages above & beyond

With company-wide $11 per hour* are shown in blue:



tupelo fair START wages 2013-2016

Markets with Fair Start Wages beyond company-wide $11 per hour* are shown in red:

what about tipped wages?

Our tipped team member total wages are made up of base pay and tipped pay earnings. These wages, exceed local and national living wage standards, and continually measure within the 90-95th percentile of industry compensation.Total wages for tip earning positions are outlined below:


We strive to allow servers to keep more of their own tips! We believe servers should keep more of their own tips and maintain a server tip-out that is nearly half of the industry average (8%). This means up to an additional $2 per hour in direct tips.

We strive to eliminate tip risk!
A customer failing to leave a tip is always a risk. So we guarantee every tipped team member a minimum pay that aligns with our Fair Start Wage. If earnings fall outside of our Fair Start Wage, we’ll will contribute additional earnings to ensure all team member’s pay meets our Fair Start Wage standard.

employment practices


As one of the keys to our success, we believe our team members should be valued, respected, and heard. We encourage open dialogue and collaboration between team members and management.


We are proud to fill over 60% of our management positions from within our organization. We believe and are committed to meaningful training and development opportunities for our team, and to ensuring that they are positioned for advancement opportunities as they become available.


Each of our locations are equipped with a broad compensation scale allowing for management discretion in conducting performance based increases of up to 10%.


All of our profit go back into our business to create opportunity and enhance our employee & guest experience. In past 3 years we’ve increased our investment in employee compensation, benefits and incentives by nearly 25% per employee.


Have questions, comments, or feedback based on our Transparency Commitment? Email us at:


*$11 per hour Fair Start Wage will be effective in all locations by June 2016. Fair Start Wages commitment applies to all team members that have completed their first 90 days of employment, excluding interns and seasonal hires.