Scavenger Hunt Clues and Winners


Below is a recap of the Knoxville Scavenger Hunt with clues, answers and winners.

First clues:

  • Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ … its birthplace had wheels (The original radio broadcast was from a trailer in a campground.)
  • A place with true American roots (The station plays “American Roots” music such as bluegrass, Americana, country, etc.)
  • East Tennessee’s Own Blue Plate Special is served up here! (East Tennessee’s Own is a phrase often used on the radio station; Blue Plate Special is a live performance broadcast at noon on Monday – Saturday from the Knoxville Visitor Center on Gay Street.)

Answer:  WDVX Radio Station

Winner:  Chyna Brackeen




Second Clues:

  • You can find this on the Hill… (Iconic Ayres Hall is atop The Hill on the UT campus and has a checkerboard in the brickwork of the clock tower.)
  • And on the field (The checkerboard is in the end zones of Shields-Watkins Field in Neyland Stadium.)
  • A Tennessee tradition since 1964 (Football coach and later athletic director Doug Dickey is credited with the idea of the checkerboard endzones in 1964.)

Answer:  UT's Checkerboard

Winner:  Rachel Medley



Third Clues:

  • Golden just like Tupelo Honey (24k gold dust is embedded in the glass, giving the Sunsphere its gold color.)
  • Its original restaurant hails from NC (during the 1982 World’s Fair for which the Sunsphere was constructed, to symbolize energy, which was the theme of the fair, Hardee’s managed the restaurant housed inside the Sunsphere – although the menu was more upscale and was not fast food fare. Hardee’s was founded in North Carolina.)
  • It’s not a wigshop! (In an episode of The Simpsons, the family sees the Sunsphere and it is a wig shop. Locals attribute this to a blending of the Sunsphere with J’s Megamart on Gay Street which DOES sell lots of wigs. A popular local blog is named The Sunsphere is not a Wigshop.)

Answer:  The Sunsphere

Winner:  Ashley Overton



Fourth Clues:

  • Now a landmark destination, this attraction was founded in 1948 in East Knoxville (The Knoxville Zoo opened as the Birthday Park Zoo in 1948 at Chilhowee Park, when an American alligator was left on the premises.)
  • Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!
  • Go there to Feast with the Beasts (This is a popular fundraising event for the Knoxville Zoo.)

Answer: The Knoxville Zoo

Winner:  Cherie Piercy



Fifth Clues:

  • This place to grow benefits from a day of snow (Snow Day is the farm’s annual fundraiser.)
  • A secret garden in the heart of Knoxville...
  • Just steps away from historic Knoxville College

Answer: Beardsley Community Farm

Winner:  Meryl Keegan



We threw in an extra contest in the midst of the Scavenger Hunt by asking FB followers to send in three clues and the answer.  We chose Heather Feldman's clues (for a free pecan pie)!  Her entry was:

  • Donations are accepted...
  • Subjects of numerous books, movies and TV shows...
  • It all began in 1981

Answer: The Body Farm

Winner:  Stephanie Sparr

Seventh Clues:

  • In the heart of a joyous valley (Happy Holler is the area where this store is located – “happy” due to the proliferation of beer joints in the area.)
  • Feed your family and your dog on this equal-opportunity dining patio (Three Rivers has a patio that is open to human and dog diners.)
  • Looking for fair trade coffee? Look no further! (Three Rivers specializes in many uniquely sourced foods, including fair trade coffee.)

Answer: Three Rivers Market

Winner:  Matt Grubbs





  • More than just a place to eat, pray, and love (Author Elizabeth Gilbert stayed in the Hotel St. Oliver – the Oliver’s predecessor – while writing the New York Times bestseller Eat, Pray, Love.)
  • Home to the encyclopedia of mixology (The bar menu is ensconced in old encyclopedia editions.)
  • Shhh! Just look for the red light (The speakeasy is hidden behind a sliding door and the alley entrance is marked by a red light.)

Answer: Peter Kern Library in the Oliver Hotel

Winner:  Kam Werder