15 Things True Southerners Are Thankful For

Southerners know and embrace the South as a special place unlike any other. It’s a region that encompasses everything from the Louisiana swamps to the Appalachian Mountains. We have a fierce love for family, food and hospitality, and the ones that leave always find their way back home eventually. Even though Thanksgiving comes only once a year, we give thanks and count our blessings every day. Here are our top 15 Southern things we’re most thankful for:

1. Kind, giving people. ‘Nuff said.
2. Only having to order “tea” instead of “sweet tea.” (Because ordering anything except sweet tea is a crime, y’all.)sweet-tea-mason-jar3. Pig roasts and seafood boils. Just because. It’s all about bringing everyone together to eat delicious food and celebrate the little things in life.
4. Bourbon, whiskey and moonshine: The Southern spirit trifecta.
5. College football. There’s nothing better than a rowdy stadium of passionate fans hootin’ and hollerin’ on a Saturday Big hair for the gals. Seersucker suits for the guys.
7. Classic Southern movies like Steel Magnolias and Forrest Gump.
8. Mimaw/Nana/Mawmaw/Grammy’s secret banana pudding recipe.Luscious, Creamy, Silken, Plush, Heavenly, Banana Pudding9. Our unique sayings: “Bless Your Heart,” “Fixin’ To” and “I Reckon” just to name a few.
10. Tailgating. The team camraderie. Cornhole. Good food and beer. Tailgate elsewhere in the U.S. doesn’t even come close.
11. Porch sitting, porch drinking, porch swinging…pretty much anything that happens on a porch, we’re into it.porch-rocking-chair

12. Hunting and fishing season with Dad and Pawpaw/Gramps/Pop/Grandad.
13. Monogrammed everything. (You know have at least one item.)
14. 4-wheelin’ and mud ridin’ after a summer sunshower.
15. Scratch-made biscuits with butter, honey and jam. (Come on now…we had to throw that one in there!)biscuits-honey-jam