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What’s to Love About Team Tupelo?

2020 Best Places to Work awardWe are committed to respectful, hospitable service to not only to our guests and to our communities, but also to our fellow employees. This starts with making sure our restaurants are GREAT places to work!

We’re so excited to announce we’ve been named one of the 2020 Best Places to Work by the Business Intelligence Group! The winners are chosen based on data collected directly from team members, so winning this award is extra special for us. Our team members are the heart of Tupelo Honey, and we thank them and the B.I.G. for this incredible honor!

Creating an awesome work environment is something we value highly! We asked our team members the question, “What do you love about being on Team Tupelo?” and are excited to share their answers with you.

Chris from Knoxville:

“Tupelo is a family to me, and we have formed a community. I feel that the company values me and really hears me. My managers are consistently wanting growth for me.”

Christa from Myrtle Beach quoteChrista from Myrtle Beach:

“It is uncommon to find a corporation that truly cares for its employees the way Tupelo Honey does. Family meals, shoe discounts, and health insurance are just some of the ways Tupelo makes me feel appreciated and valued every day.”

Christian from Arlington:

“Ever since I started working at Tupelo, it’s been like a family. Everyone looks after each other and always has your back.”

Cody from Boise:

“Tupelo Honey is an environment that embraces family, culture, and opportunity. From the family of Bees working to make the environment warm and exciting, to the faces coming through the door, we at Tupelo see them as family and strive to make every guest feel welcome. Because everyone is welcome, and everyone has opportunity to explore this wonderful establishment we call Tupelo Honey.”

Jake from Myrtle Beach:

“As a new Kitchen Manager, I love being proof that hard work pays off. With the right amount of passion, dedication, and hard work there are no limits on where Tupelo Honey can take you.”

James from Denver quoteJames from Denver:

“In my five years with the company, I have made a good living doing what I love, surrounded by like-minded professionals.”

Jerome from Arlington:

“I love our team. These past few years I’ve been here, this team has turned in to a family that continues to grow.”

Kristi from Knoxville:

“I love my Honey Pot incentives especially my wellness (reimbursement)—got me a fancy Fitbit. I also love my Knoxville location because it’s in the heart of downtown where all the festivals take place. The Chalkwalk is my favorite event.”

Lauren from Arlington:

“I like that the whole team works together to help each other out.”

Montgomery from Boise:

“A company that rewards and recognizes hard work. Providing an encouraging, safe, and healthy work environment. Cultivating an amazing team.”

Shaun from Knoxville:

“I love Tupelo because it is like a family! They also pay fairly according to your local economy.”

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