A Bloody for Every Hangover

Hangovers happen to the best of us. Sometimes the best hangover cure is a little ‘hair of the dog’ – and our new bloody marys are the perfect solution. When paired with our amazing scratch-made Southern brunch, we have the bloody mary for any hangover.

All of our bloody marys start with our house-made bloody mary mix, pimento cheese-stuffed olives, pickled okra, lemon, and bacon and are served on the rocks.


Girl’s-Night-Out Hangover

Maybe it was a bachelorette party, maybe it was your bestie’s birthday, or maybe it was just a fun Girl’s Night Out – either way, our Plain Jane with house vodka and a lime salt rim is sure to do the trick and get you back to feeling like yourself.


Just-Got-Dumped Hangover

Break ups are hard. Sometimes the only thing that helps is drinking your sorrows away… until the morning arrives, and you’re left with a broken heart AND a pounding headache. Dry your tears with our Black Beard bloody mary. We use Kraken Black Rum and finish with a lime salt rim. It won’t mend your broken heart, but it might help with the hangover.


I’m-Hungover-But-Still-Classy Hangover

You may be hungover, but you don’t necessarily want everyone to know it. You’re still a classy dude (or dudette), after all. Our Highlander bloody mary is the perfect choice for your brunch cocktail. It’s made with Dewar’s Whiskey and a chili lime salt rim for a bloody mary with a smooth finish.


Danced-All-Night Hangover

Whether it was the music or the booze that was moving you last night, you danced your face off and now your feet are sore in addition to your hangover. We can help put a little pep back in your step with our Black Pepper bloody mary! We use Dixie Black Pepper Vodka and finish with a chili salt rim.


I Have-A-Headache-And-I’m-Hungry Hangover

Sometimes you’re so hungry from the night before, you don’t want to wait for brunch to be served. Try our Queen Mary, a huge version of our classic bloody mary plus bacon, shrimp, pickled jalapenos, green bean, cherry tomato, and celery with a lime salt rim. A cocktail and a meal all in one!


I’m-Never-Drinking-Again Hangover

Yikes! Rough night? We’ve all been there. Soak up last night’s cocktails with a stack of our signature sweet potato pancakes. A little ‘hair of the dog’ may help – try our new Bloody Maria! It features El Jimador tequila with a lime salt rim.

Our new bloody marys and mimosas are available in select locations now, and will be available everywhere on 2/5! Make a reservation for brunch to try the new bloodys (and banish your hangover once and for all)!