Earth-to-Plate Series: Beeler’s Pure Pork

Abby Beeler on the farm with the pigs

The only thing better than the smell of frying bacon in the morning? Knowing that bacon came from a pig that was ethically raised, free of antibiotics and growth hormones!

Family-Owned and Operated

One of our partners is Beeler’s Pure Pork, an Iowa-based farm that produces pork products that are not only delicious but also without any artificial enhancements. The farm has been family-run since Fred Beeler emigrated from Germany in 1846. That’s over 170 years of Beeler pork! They still own the original farm and stick to the simple, humane, and natural way of raising pork that has been part of their family for six generations.

Taste the Difference

So what makes Beeler’s Pure Pork so special? In addition to raising a specific breed of pig that is superior in flavor and texture, the Beelers also keep their recipes simple. With five or less ingredients in every product, you don’t have to worry about antibiotics, growth promotants, MSG, or even gluten. Beelers pigs are also raised free of gestation crates, with plenty of room to roam free. They are fed a certified Non-GMO diet of corn and soybean meal.

With a wide range of products, there are plenty of options for enjoying Beeler’s Pure Pork. We use their bacon at Tupelo Honey, but they also produce chorizo, various cuts of chops, spare ribs, and sausage.

Make a reservation at your nearest Tupelo Honey for brunch this weekend to taste the difference!