Living Our Core Values

A message from Caroline Skinner, our Chief of Staff

Beginning this year, we could not have anticipated how 2020 would have unfolded. However, in January Tupelo Honey took a bold step to reevaluate and re-imagine our core values.

We knew it was time to challenge and redefine who we were and who we aspired to be – but more importantly to make sure we lived the values that defined us. We did this in collaboration with team members representative of every level of our company. Our plans to kick these values off were stalled when coronavirus hit.

But, surprisingly, and without prompting, these values started to surface in our actions as we responded to crisis. Our company united together around mantras like #oneteam. We were draw towards service (of our communities and our team) and were reminded of the power of having a heart for service. In everything, I saw the spirit of our values lived out.

And now, in August, we will ‘officially’ launch our new values with nice posters; fun videos; and contests, but what I am more proud of than the launch itself is that in spite of crisis we lived the values that we wrote – even in our most difficult times.