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Our food is responsibly-sourced by farmers who pour their hearts and souls into everything they do.

Transcript | Tupelo Honey: The Journey of Scratch-Made Southern Food

Serving the Best of Every Season

We strive to provide clean, thoughtfully-sourced and local ingredients as much as possible on our Southern menus. It is of the utmost importance that animals are treated kindly and humanely, produce is harvested in-season, and that partners are considerate of the footprint they are leaving behind.

"Forever Free" of Antibiotics & Hormones

You will find dishes on our menu describing proteins as “Forever Free.” This is our way of ensuring that the majority of our proteins were raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Humanely-Raised & Sustainably-Farmed

We work with partners who respect the animals they are providing. From pasture-raised cattle to sustainably-farmed or wild-caught seafood, conscious animal welfare is high on our list of requirements!

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Image of a flower
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