Why We Serve Wild American Shrimp

shrimp farm with barn reflecting in pond

An abandoned shrimp farm.

We’re proud to serve wild-caught and sustainable wild american shrimp at all our locations. In addition to helping support the U.S. economy, wild-caught shrimp are significantly better for the environment!

TEDs help keep turtles out of shrimp nets!

According to the World Wildlife Fund, farmed shrimp accounts for a whopping 55 percent of the shrimp produced globally. A steady stream of organic waste, chemicals and antibiotics from shrimp farms can pollute groundwater or coastal estuaries. Additionally, farmed shrimp are more susceptible to disease, which has lasting effects on the entire food chain.
After a few years, these problems of disease and pollution deplete the ponds, so shrimp farmers abandon them and move to a new location… and the cycle of environmental destruction continues. Meanwhile, wild american shrimp are a renewable and sustainable resource, harvested from a natural environment free from chemicals, pesticides, and antibiotics.

Furthermore, all U.S. shrimp boats are required to use nets that are specially designed to help protect other marine life, like sea turtles, from being caught accidentally. These trawl nets are equipped wit a TED (Turtle Excluder Device) that safely guides sea turtles through an escape flap. TEDs have been proven to be 97% effective at keeping sea turtles out of shrimp nets!

When comparing the facts, the choice to serve wild-caught shrimp is a no-brainer!