Tupelo Honey Offers Pet Insurance!

Pet Insurance for Team Tupelo

At Tupelo Honey, we feel passionate about offering a diverse array of benefits to meet our team members’ needs throughout every age and stage of employment. As part of our Honey Pot Program, we offer Pet Insurance enrollment!

Amanda and Charlie

Amanda and Charlie

Pet Insurance Details

Providing the best care for Fido and Felix can be costly. With pet ownership growing within our team member demographics, we knew Team Tupelo could benefit from this! ALL team members are eligible, both full-time and part-time, to enroll in Trupanion coverage within their first 45 days of employment for coverage to begin around their 3-month mark.

With a Trupanion policy, our team members have one simple plan that covers all unexpected injuries and illnesses. Our team members get access to Team Tupelo group rates on Trupanion premiums and convenient payroll deductions. Trupanion is unique as it features a lifetime deductible per ailment not an annual one you repay each year. We are not kitten around, the policy reimburses for medical procedures related to diagnosis* at 90% with no payout limits for the entirety of your pet’s life, once you hit the deductible for that diagnosis.

“Thanks fur everything!” says Charlie the Golden Retriever

We spoke with Amanda, our Sr. Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, about her sweet doggo Charlie and what was paw-sible as a result of Trupanion pet insurance.

  1. How did Charlie come to be a part of your family?

Ten years ago, we found Charlie through a website posting from a family about an hour away from us, and he sat in my lap the whole trip back home as we figured out what to name him.  It snowed the next day which made for a memorable first day together.  Charlie turned me into a dog person quickly! I remember the first time he won my heart. I was trying to do sit-ups, but he wasn’t having it, he wanted to cuddle.

  1. What are some of Charlie’s favorite things in life?

Water—he loves swimming and hunting rocks below the water. He also love food, chewing on sticks, rolling in the grass, car rides to anywhere, roaming the neighborhood, playing tug of war, and of course, being an 85 lb lap dog.

  1. When Tupelo offered pet insurance, what was your reaction and why did you choose to enroll?

Pet insurance was suggested to us when we first got Charlie, but I brushed it off.  It wasn’t until Tupelo offered it through our benefit package that I (SO SO thankfully) pulled the trigger. I had never heard of pet insurance being offered as a benefit through work which makes me even more thankful. I also appreciate it being a payroll deduction, it’s so easy and convenient!

  1. We know Charlie was diagnosed with bone cancer in June. What was that like for your sweet family?

It was the saddest news.  The cancer Charlie was diagnosed with, osteosarcoma, is a very aggressive bone cancer with a tendency to metastasize to the lungs quickly. It was hard to believe as Charlie is very puppy-like in demeaner, and I couldn’t help but think how much more life he had in him. At the time our son was only six months old and I worried he wouldn’t know this amazing dog.

  1. How has having pet insurance impacted Charlie and your family?

We can’t be more thankful – I always say now that Tupelo, Trupanion and his Veterinarian saved him and his quality of life.  The insurance not only eased the financial burden, but it allowed us to step back and consider all the options and give Charlie the best care.  Without insurance we would have most likely gone straight to amputating the affected front leg which may not have extended his life expectancy as much as we are hoping the current treatment will.  The thought of having a newly three-legged dog and an infant was a little overwhelming too!

  1. What has the journey been like with treatment and recovery?

When we met with the oncologist there was good news, we had caught it before it spread to the lungs but even so, life expectancy wasn’t long. They gave us the basic options, both with many thousands of dollars tagged to them. We immediately called Trupanion to make sure we were covered and understand what costs we were facing, and we were blown away by the coverage. We had to meet the deductible (done, ha!) and pay for doctor visits but all treatments after that were covered 90%.

Charlie the Dog

Charlie the Dog

We are happy to report that he is doing amazingly well, even possibly to our vet’s surprise.  He still has his leg, his pain is nearly gone, and his chest x-ray in November reported no signs of cancer. He’s back to jumping up on the couch, running and bouncing about which the pain kept him from doing back in June, and adored by our son.  There’s no telling how long the good news will last but we are hopeful and it’s so good to see him back to his puppy like self at ten years old!

*The Trupanion policy does not cover pre-existing conditions. Conditions that showed signs during waiting periods or before you enrolled are considered pre-existing and are not eligible for coverage. As Trupanion covers unexpected illnesses and injuries, it does not cover wellness, preventative care, or exam fees. More information can be found on, or by contacting Team Tupelo’s HR department.