Earth-to-Plate Series: Verlasso Salmon

Harmoniously Raised Salmon

At Tupelo Honey, we are committed to providing responsibly sourced ingredients in each of our dishes. Therefore, we’re thrilled to be partnered with Verlasso, a leader in sustainable practices for nearly a decade! Verlasso provides us with beautifully raised salmon from Chilean Patagonia that can be traced back seven generations.

Located deep in the southern hemisphere, Chilean Patagonia offers the ideal environment for harmonious aquaculture. The water here is clean, cold, and crystal clear with strong currents – creating the perfect natural habitat for raising salmon.

Verlasso’s practices are good for you, good for the fish, and good for the ocean. Their salmon are hormone- and antibiotic-free and are nourished by entirely non-GMO feed. They allow their salmon to grow naturally over the course of approximately two years in water free of toxins. Their ocean pens are spacious, with fewer than three salmon per ton of water. Verlasso also uses conscious farming techniques to ensure zero bycatch!

Fresh, Firm, & Flavorful

Verlasso doesn’t just boast sustainable farming practices; they also provide some darn tasty salmon! Verlasso salmon has a clean mouth feel, firm texture and is ideal to cook with because it stays nice and moist. With its mild flavor and buttery texture, Verlasso is a salmon everyone will enjoy!

Our Grilled Patagonian Salmon dish (pictured above) features Verlasso salmon, harissa, roasted cauliflower and baby tri-color carrots with creamy quinoa and rosemary salt. Try it today at your nearest Tupelo Honey location.

Images provided by Verlasso Salmon.