The Wackiest State Fair Foods

The State Fair is a time-honored tradition across the U.S. that features daring amusement rides, petting zoos and livestock competitions, and most importantly – some of the craziest food concoctions you can imagine! If it can be prepared fried or on a stick, you can bet it’s been found at the fair at some point.

Our limited-time State Fair menu pays homage to these traditions in a way that is fun and fresh. While we definitely embrace the fried food spectacle with our Hog Heaven Sandwich and Fried Banana Dream, we also keep it light with the Blue-Ribbon Peach & Burrata Flatbread.

Read on for some examples of the most outlandish State Fair staples we could find!

Triple Cheeseburger Donut

Originally served at the Iowa State Fair, this burger features three beef patties and six slices of American cheese between a Krispy Kreme donut sliced in half.

Hog Heaven Sandwich

A Tupelo State Fair exclusive, this sandwich is not for the faint of heart! We take a crispy fried pork loin and top it with smoked jalapeno BBQ sauce, cole slaw, crispy onion slaws, French fries and mayonnaise.

Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick

What is it about eating food on a stick that people love so much? This Minnesota State Fair dish features spaghetti mixed into a meatball and then cooked, battered, fried, skewered and rolled in marinara sauce.

Kool-Aid Pickles

Also known as Koolickles, these sweet and sour snacks were originally served at the North Carolina State Fair. The pickles spend at least a week marinating in Kool-Aid, causing them to absorb the drink and change flavor (and color)!

Hot Beef Sundae

What do you get when you put roast beef, gravy, mashed potatoes, cheese and cherry tomatoes together in a bowl? A hot beef sundae, of course! Try this combo at fairs around the country, like the Tennessee State Fair.

Fried Banana Dream

Another Tupelo State Fair favorite – the ultimate salty-sweet dessert! Two fried banana stuffed egg rolls are placed on a creamy bed of banana pudding, smothered in caramel sauce and topped with bacon crumbles.

Fried Butter

A snack seemingly dreamed up by Paula Deen herself! You can find these deep-fried balls of butter at the Texas State Fair.

Python Kebabs

You read that right – the California State Fair sells kebabs made with grilled python! “Tastes like chicken,” says vendor George Sandefur.

SPAM Curds

Another Minnesota State Fair favorite! Cubes of cheese-flavored SPAM are battered, deep-fried and smothered in ranch dressing.

Blue-Ribbon Peach & Burrata Flatbread

Available on our State Fair menu, this flatbread features griddled naan with pecan pesto topped with creamy whipped burrata, grilled peaches, fried kale and a drizzle of honey.

The Tupelo State Fair menu is available through September 30, 2018 during dinner (after 4PM). Make a reservation today to try our tribute to the state fair while you can!