7 Ways You Know You're Hopelessly Addicted to Tupelo Honey Biscuits

If you’ve dined with Tupelo Honey before, you get the cult-like biscuit hype. It’s a piece of warm, flaky, golden deliciousness served with sweet, juicy, mouth-watering, blueberry compote. Whether you’re young or old, the biscuit obsession knows no bounds. Think you have an addiction? You might be familiar with some of these emotions (as told by our littlest diners):

1. When someone suggests y’all go to Tupelo Honey for a delicious Southern meal and all you can think about are the biscuits:


Biscuit lovin’ boo boo #tupelohoney #biscuits #southern

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2. When someone asks you for a bite of your biscuit:


Biscuit face ? #buttermilkbiscuit #livi #tupelohoney

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3. When your server asks you how the biscuits are, but you can’t respond because you’re stuffing your face:


The weekend = Tupelo ?? with my honey.

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4. When the biscuit is so good you just tune out the rest of the world:


Southern comfort food…fried okra, biscuits, butter, honey, and jam #tupelohoney #knoxvilletn

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5. When you restrain yourself to only eating one biscuit instead of your usual four:


She is a big fan of blueberry biscuits. ?

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6. When you buy honey only to go on a biscuit:


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7. When you think you’re being sneaky by grabbing the last biscuit, but someone catches you:


#jellyface #biscuitlove #tupelohoneycafe

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