The Journey of Scratch-Made Southern Food

What does it mean to be responsibly sourced?

To us, responsibly sourced is about knowing the origins of our food. We proudly serve sustainably-sourced seafood, pasture-raised beef, and chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. We select clean proteins and whole ingredients with honest labels that are as delicious as they are nourishing.

Some of our partners include:

How do we choose partners?

When we’re searching for new vendors and partners to bring into our Tupelo Honey family, we start with a very important set of criteria.

We make sure our vendors are conscientious of their environmental impact; that they have clean facilities; and that they raise & harvest their products ethically.

“I spend a lot of time visiting our purveyors and their facilities… does that product come from a place we can be proud to offer?” says Caitlin McMahon, our director of purchasing.

Why is it important to us?

Having real partnerships with our vendors allows us to work creatively with them to offer products that are unique to Tupelo Honey. But even more importantly, it allows us to impact and improve the quality of the products in the supply chain or food system. We have high standards when it comes to the food we put in front of you, and the trickle-down effect ensures the products we use are being handled with love and care at every step in the process!

“If we don’t have products we can stand by, we’re just like everybody else. We take the time and the effort to go all the back to the start of the supply chain and say THAT is a product we’re proud to offer,” says Caitlin.

Our menus change seasonally to reflect which ingredients are at their peak deliciousness. Stop by your favorite Tupelo Honey location to taste what’s on the menu now!