Team Tupelo at World Central Kitchen

Team Tupelo at World Central Kitchen

Tupelo Honey has deep roots in the Carolinas and we are heartbroken over the damage Hurricane Florence has caused to our beautiful communities, particularly those in the eastern part of our state. While the worst of the storm may be over, we recognize that recovery will be a long process for many in the hardest hit areas.

Gathering Together is a value we hold dear as a company and one that is particularly important in times of crisis. For us, this means responding to our neighbors & communities with assistance when they are in need. So when it came to Hurricane Florence, you can #betyourbiscuits we were ready to help!

This past week, we had the incredible opportunity to work alongside the World Central Kitchen team based in Raleigh. Founded by Chef José Andrés after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, World Central Kitchen believes that food can be an agent of change.

Assembling over 500 salads

Their greatest need currently is in labor hours to prepare and assemble meals. We sent a dozen of our employees, along with an 18-wheeler full of chef-quality food, to assist in food preparation for meals that will be delivered to impacted areas of flooding.

Over two days, our team helped prepare, assemble and deliver over 5,000 meals to our neighbors who were impacted by Hurricane Florence as well as the first-responders who are helping to rebuild our communities.

Meals went to those affected by Hurricane Florence

To say we were humbled by the experience is an understatement. We are in awe of the resilient spirit of our friends in the Carolinas, and we are so honored to have been able to help support them this week.