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Our Visit to Renwood Mills

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Renwood Mills, a North Carolina-based flour mill that’s been producing high-quality and locally sourced varieties of flour for over 80 years. They mill and package our unique flour recipe, which we use in our famous scratch-made biscuits. Renwood Mills History Originally founded in 1935, Renwood Mills has had […]


Crafting a House Beer with RJ Rocker’s Brewing Company

In November 2014 the idea to craft a house beer was brewing – literally – at Tupelo. With the help of our responsibly-sourced partner, RJ Rocker’s Brewing Company, our Tupelo Honey Rye Ale came to life, and the beer continues to serve as a staple of our restaurants. We recently visited our friends at their Spartanburg, SC […]


Country Curing with Goodnight Brothers Ham

Country vs. city is a never-ending debate among ham lovers. No, it’s not about where the ham is consumed or where it’s made, but how. Talk to any Southerner and they’ll vote country over city every time. Why? We met with our responsibly-sourced partner Goodnight Brothers Ham to find out. Brining vs. Drying City: City ham (a.k.a. regular ‘ol […]


Earth-to-Plate Series: Beeler’s Pure Pork

The only thing better than the smell of frying bacon in the morning? Knowing that bacon came from a pig that was ethically raised, free of antibiotics and growth hormones! Family-Owned and Operated One of our partners is Beeler’s Pure Pork, an Iowa-based farm that produces pork products that are not only delicious but also […]


Earth-to-Plate Series: Verlasso Salmon

Harmoniously Raised Salmon At Tupelo Honey, we are committed to providing responsibly sourced ingredients in each of our dishes. Therefore, we’re thrilled to be partnered with Verlasso, a leader in sustainable practices for nearly a decade! Verlasso provides us with beautifully raised salmon from Chilean Patagonia that can be traced back seven generations. Located deep […]


From Feed to Farm to Fork with Springer Mountain Chicken

There’s chicken. And then there’s Springer Mountain Farms chicken. Our responsibly-sourced partner has raised chickens humanely in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia for more than 60 years and have proved they’re the best of the best. All Springer chickens are 100 percent natural, meaning they are raised without any chemical medicines, antibiotics, steroids or […]


Creekstone Farms: Bringing Out the Best in Beef

We’ve heard that some of the best beef comes from Kansas (try one of our burgers and we think you’ll agree). We traveled to Creekstone Farms, right outside of Wichita, KS, to find out why. Meat and Greet Our friends at Creekstone took us around to see some of the ranches first hand. We don’t […]


Hooked on Sustainability with Maya Fish

When deciding what ingredients are best for our guests, we go straight to the source. Sometimes that means taking an 11-foot fishing boat 20 miles off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula to get there! Maya Fish ended up being the perfect match for our fish dishes, and we were hooked on their dedication to responsibly-sourced fish farming. We […]


Breaking Bread with Annie’s Bakery

It’s a known fact that a delicious sandwich cannot exist without delicious bread. A perfect sandwich needs to be nestled between two sturdy slices of sturdy bread in order to contain every mouthwatering ingredient. For Tupelo, we turn to our partners at Annie’s Bakery who have been providing our guests with the best darn bread in South. We visited the Asheville, NC bakery, headed by Joe and Annie […]


Local Atlanta Artists Sneak Peek

Local Atlanta Artists Sneak Peek It’s been a long journey to the Atlanta area, but the paint is dry, the 40 taps are installed, and the scratch-kitchen is ready to go.  As with all of our restaurants, we work with local artists to meld our Signature Mountain South Tupelo style with the community we are moving […]

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