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Introducing Our New #BrunchSoHard Coffee!

Introducing Our New #BrunchSoHard Coffee!

Say hello to our new exclusive coffee blend, #BrunchSoHard! After many taste tests (and caffeine crashes), we have picked the perfect blend for your Sunday brunch and after-dinner decaf. Our #BrunchSoHard blend has a smooth, velvety body paired with notes of toasted walnuts, milk chocolate, vanilla and molasses.

Our blend is roasted by Revelator Coffee Company, out of Birmingham, Alabama. Revelator sources coffees that are sweet and clean, and they are committed to careful roasting, thoughtful preparation, and elegant service.

We partnered with Revelator due to our shared support of sustainable practices for both the environment and the farms themselves. Revelator values direct relationships throughout their supply chain. For a majority of the year, Revelator’s co-founder and green buyer, Emma Chevalier, is on the ground in countries around the world meeting with farmers and importers, visiting farms and coffee mills, and cupping a LOT of coffee as they make purchase decisions.

Deciding On Our Signature Blend

When we decided to work with Revelator to develop our own unique blend, we knew we wanted something that would appeal to a broad audience. Whether you are a die-hard black coffee drinker or someone who just wants a little caffeine with your cream and sugar, this blend needed to satisfy all palates!

To attain this, we looked to Revelator’s Brazilian coffee. The beans in our #BrunchSoHard coffee are roasted to two different levels and then blended to a finely tuned ratio. The darker roast lends to the rich, velvety body while the lighter roast brings forth the sweetness of molasses.

Stop by your favorite Tupelo Honey location to taste the new blend!

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